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360 Panaoramic Images

I’ve recently discovered the fun of making 360 degree panoramic images. I really like these kind of images because they let the viewer immerse themselves in the image. I explore and hike to a lot of places that most people will never see so its cool to bring it back and let everyone see a location.

360 panoramas come in 2 flavors. A circular panorama lets you look in all directions except straight up and down. A spherical panorama lets you look everywhere, even straight up and down.  Here are the panoramas I’ve made so far:

Ammonite Falls (circular)

Ammonite Falls (spherical)

Mt. Becher (spherical)

Koksilah Old Growth Trees 1 (spherical)

Koksilah Old Growth Trees 2 (spherical)

Witchcraft Lake (circular)

Fern Forest (circular)




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